It Started with Tiktok

Hi Everyone! Welcome to Free My Loans.

My name is Randa Taha, and I'm here to share how I came about starting this campaign.

Today, two-thirds of college students leave school with at least some debt from college loans. The average debt is approaching $30,000, a figure that includes not just the original amounts borrowed but, for most students, accumulated interest as well. We can all agree this is a worrisome statistic.

For me, it all started with a Tiktok Video that went viral, about how students can get Student Loan Forgiveness or Get on an Income-Driven Repayment Plan. After getting 2.8 Million+ views on the video, I received hundreds of messages from students across the United States who needed help with their student loan debt.

Students, both Graduate and Undergraduates from every Profession (Teachers, Physicians, Software Developers, Dentists, Engineers, Nurses, Lawyers, Psychiatrists, Scientists, Mathematicians, and the list goes on), all DROWNING in student loan debt. This inspired my decision to start Free My Loans.

If you are looking to give back to the world, help a family break through the cycle of debt, or simply support a young individual get the kind of education they desire without the stress and trepidation baggage that comes with student loans, then you have waltzed to the right place. Thanks for your support in advance.

Below is a list of Students who need YOUR HELP. Every dollar counts.

“Heroes don’t always wear capes, badges, or uniforms. Sometimes, they support those who do.” ― Andrea Randall